Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To Craft or not to Craft...

...Jewelcraft, that is.

Server: Shadow Council (US) - RP
Author: Kelidara (58 Blood elf death knight)
Achievements of Note:
  • Artisan Skinning!

So... I want to craft jewelry. Actually, no. Let me rephrase that. I want to prospect gems out of ore. That's the real reason why I want to be a JC. But... I'm deliberating. I took mining and skinning because I need money for my flying mount - and I'll need money to support my two adopted blood elf twins. So... argh. I can't decide.

Option 1: Keep skinning and mining forever.


  • I can sell ore and bars and get lots of money!
  • I can save the old world leather (since it doesn't sell for much) and give it to Kelirien for LWing.
  • It's probable that the Outlands and Northrend leather will sell for a decent amount.
  • I gain crit chance and stamina from the two professions


  • Booooooooooring.
  • Nothing for me (except money)!

Option 2: Get Mining (and Skinning) to 300 and get enough money for flying mount, then drop Skinning for JCing


  • I still get to sell the ore and bars for money and get my flying mount.
  • I still get to send my old world leather to Kelirien for LWing.
  • Prospecting! (eventually)
  • I can make jewelry for the twins (and me!)
  • I can send extra jewelry to Keleili to DE for her enchanting


  • I have to go back and mine Copper --> Thorium again to level up JCing
  • This puts off my arrival in the Outlands
  • JCing WILL cost some money
  • Is JCing viable in Northrend? (armor with gem slots aren't as common)

Option 3: Drop skinning NOW and pick up JCing


  • Don't have to backtrack as much to mine for JCing
  • Prospecting (NOW)!
  • Get to Outlands sooner (than option 2)
  • Make jewelry for myself and the twins
  • Send extra jewelry to Keleili for (eventual) DEing for her enchanting


  • Will cost money
  • Won't get money from selling ore and bars
  • Won't get any more leather for Kelirien's LWing
  • Is JC viable in Northrend?

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