Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playing with pretty stones!

Server: Shadow Council (US) - RP
Author: Kelidara (58 Bloodelf Deathknight)
  • I can mine all thorium now!
  • Journeyman jewelcrafting!
  • 600g earned! (flying mount, here I come!)

So, I broke down and did it. I got my mining to 290 (I think) before finally deciding to drop skinning and pick up jewelcrafting. I did sell all of my ore and bars to make sure I'd have enough for my flying mount. Then I started over with basic jewelcrafting.

It started out pretty easy and I got a ton of copper. Now, though, I'm on the tin section, and... ugh. Just... ugh. I'm mining all over 1000 needles and getting copper (which I don't need) and iron (which I can't use yet) and a little bit of tin (which I need both for prospecting and for making bronze bars). *sighs* But I'm determined now, and I must push this through. The good news is that once I get out of tin, I'll have a LOT of iron to work with!

And so far, I've been good. I haven't spent a load of money on ore on the AH, although I am keeping an eye on ore or gems that are super cheap. *nodnods*

So, yeah. That's it in my world. Just mining my brains out and making dinky little mood rings. I'm not even trying to sell them - just sending them to Keleili to DE. And, so far, between her tailoring, my JCing, Kelirien's LWing and our friend Mathras who is taking them through instances, Keleili has managed to level up her enchanting without spending anything on the AH (beyond the required runed bars, etc.). I'd say we're doing alright.

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