Monday, August 10, 2009

The Blood Elf Intern Program

Server: Shadow Council (US) - RP
Author: Kelidara (58 Blood Elf Death Knight)
Other Clan members: Kelirien (20 Blood Elf Hunter); Keleili (20 Blood Elf Priest)
Achievements of note:
  • Kelirien and Keleili both hit lvl 20; got their Hawkstrider mounts
  • I reached Expert level in both Skinning and Mining.

"For ONLY a gold a day, you can sponsor a young Blood Elf as they step out into the great wide yonder!"

Only a gold a day? Pft. Alright, sure. Why not? Heck, I'll sponsor 2!

My name is Kelidara, but I'm usually referred to as K2. Why? Well, it's kind of complicated. Suffice it to say that through some distant portal in some distant world, I have a twin. Of sorts. I've never met her, but I know she's there, because everyone refers to me as the second.

Anyway, back on topic. I'm a Blood Elf and a Death Knight. Fun times, right? Yeah, sure. So, we just finished taking back Acherus and now I'm off to make a name for myself... no pun intended... ^^; I got wind of a pair of blood elf girls, twins, who needed a sponsor. Someone to support them. Sure, why not? I'm just here grinding ore and leather. Why not? I've never met them, but I get letters from them, with pictures of their adventures. The hunter's name is Kelirien. Her sister, the priestess, is Keleili. They are both level 20 now, and they have just gotten their very own hawkstrider mounts. Hmm... I'd say that I remember being that young, but the truth is... I don't. Sometimes I feel as though I was born a level 55 death knight.

So, yeah, this is my introduction post, I guess. Hi.

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