Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brave New World

Server: Shadow Council (US) - RP
Author: Kelirien (22 Bloodelf Hunter)
Other characters: Keleili (22 Bloodelf Priest)
Friends: Vanata (80 Tauran Druid)
  • My twin and I hit 22!

Yo. Kelirien, here. Writing from the hot and dusty Barrens. Kel and I just arrived last night, from the Eastern Kingdoms. We flew into Ogrimmar from Undercity, then started picking up quests and flight points. We made our way through the Barrens to Thunderbluff, killed a bunch of boar-like humanoid creatures, and are now stepping into Stonetalon Peaks.

Our mission to gain experience quickly and efficiently was waylaid a little last night when we met up with a new friend, Vanata. She's a druid. A really powerful druid. She even rides a really big armored bear. Kel and I agreed that we need to work even harder at growing so that we can play with Vanata sometime. I wonder if Vanata would be willing to give us a tour of one of these dungeons around here?

There have only been a few other setbacks to our mission. For one, I need to concentrate a little more on my skinning. We keep getting into areas with enemies that I'm not able to skin yet. Of course, skinning's really easy to level, so it's not hard catch up when I need to. The next kink in our mission is the fact that we are following a special guide, but the guide doesn't take into account how adept we are at learning. We're going to outgrow the guide too fast. Oh, well, we'll just play it by ear I guess.

Oh, and btw riding on a hawkstrider is really cool!

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