Thursday, August 13, 2009

Queens of the Razorfen!

Server: Shadow Council (US) - RP
Author: Keleili (25 Bloodelf priest)
Other characters: Kelirien (25 Bloodelf hunter)
Friends: Mathas (80 Troll Warrior)
  • My twin and I hit lvl 25!
  • I got my enchanting and tailoring to journeyman status!
  • We also got the Razorfen Crawl Achievement!

Yesterday was AMAZING! Vanata's friend, Mathas offered to take Kel and I through Razorfen Crawl. He just ran through and slaughtered EVERYTHING and we followed behind picking up the pieces. We learned so much from him, too! And got lots of loot! It was, like, instant education! I've never had so much fun!

Mathas offered to take us through Gnomeregan, too, but he got called away to help his friends conquer heroic Ulduar. *dream sigh* Some day I'll be able to do heroic quests like that.

Afterwards, I took some time and leveled up my tailoring and enchanting. I made good progress, too. I need to nag Kel about working on her Leatherworking tonight.

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