Thursday, August 20, 2009

In which Scarlet Commander Mograine drops his pants...

Server: Shadow Council (US) - RP
Author: Kelirien (35 Bloodelf hunter)
Other Characters: Keleili (35 Bloodelf priest)
Friends: Mathras (80 Troll warrior)
  • Gnomeregan conquered!
  • Keleili and I reached level 30!
  • Scarlet Monastery conquered!
  • I learned expert skinning!
  • Keleili and I reached level 35!

Wow... umm... I can't even remember everything that has happened since we posted last! Mathras has been awesome. :) First, he took us through Gnomeregan twice! Then as soon as we hit level 30, he started taking us through the Scarlet Monastery. Once we finished all four wings, we went back and cleaned out the Cathedral two more times. On the third run, Scarlet Commander Mograine dropped the scarlet mail trousers as loot. And all of the sudden, I heard Mathras screaming, "OMG, he dropped his pants! I can't believe it! He actually dropped his pants!!"

...I knew that trolls had fetishes, but I guess they come in all forms... *inches away from the troll*

So, yeah, Kel and I are at level 35 now and we need to hit level 40 so that Mathras can take us through Uldaman and other cool instances! :) But we're halfway to 60!

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