Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mommy, WoW! I'm a big girl now!

Server: Khadgar (US) - PVE
Author: Keleili (80 draenai priest)
Other Characters: Kelidara (80 human deathknight), Kelidin (1 dwarf paladin bank alt)
  • Whoot - level 80!
  • Um... level 80!
  • Did I mention that I hit level 80?
  • I healed Halls of Lightning, and dps'd Halls of Lightning
  • Oh! I hit level 80!

Yes, I have reached that precipice of training that every man and woman of the alliance or horde dreams of. I have hit the 80th season of my adventures. I have trained for the last time (until my trainers release new seasons in some distant future, that is). I have wiped my experience bar clean.

The last time I did this, at level 70, before the attack on Northrend, I was all aflutter, not knowing what to expect, what to do. This time, I am a bit more confident. Confident at healing and confident at being max-leveled. So, here are my plans:

1. Keep questing

  • I need to finish Storm Peaks and do all of the Ice Crown quests
  • These quests will give me much more gold in place of experience - yay!
  • These quests will also help by giving me rep - yay!
  • And, of course, these quests will help me unravel the story of Northrend and the Lich King - yay!

2. Get my epic flying mount

  • I need 5000g to train, and I have 2500g
  • Quests and herbalism will help me earn the rest of it
  • I need to decide whether I want to buy an epic griffon or craft an epic flying rug. Hmm...

3. Get my moonshroud robes. I have a specific plan of attack for this:

  • I have 6 pieces of moonshroud currently
  • My ebonshroud and spellshroud cooldowns are up tonight.
  • I will make moonshroud, ebonshroud and spellshroud until I have 12 pieces of moonshroud
  • (12 moonshroud needed - 6 moonshroud currently on hand) / 2 moonshroud per crafting = 3 moonshroud crafting cooldowns * 4 days per coolday = 12 days til I have the moonshroud I need
  • Also: 3 moonshroud craftings + 4 ebonshroud craftings (including tonight) + 4 spellshroud craftings (including tonight) = 11 tailoring skill points
  • I am currently at tailoring 429. 429 + 11 = 440. I need a tailoring skill of 440 to learn to make the moonshroud robes. WHOOT!
  • If I do not get 11 points from the shrouds, I will make frostweave bags for the extra points.
  • Meanwhile...
  • At tailoring 435, I will learn to make moonshroud gloves and make them (using 4 moonshroud)
  • Then at tailoring 440, I will learn to make moonshroud robes and make them (using 8 moonshroud)
  • The only thing I'll have to buy will be frozen orbs! And then I'll have 2 of my best epic pieces (and be very close to ready to run heroics!)

After that, my plan is simple:

  • Run instances for loot.
  • Run heroics for more loot.
  • Be an awesome healer. \o/

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