Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I shee pink elekksh... hic!

Server: Khadgar (US) - PVE
Author: Keleili (80 Draenai priest)
  • I have a wulpertinger ...hic!
  • Uh... I don't remember what elshe ...hic!

Sho, here'sh the deal. I don't usually get drunk ...hic! But itsh a shpecial holiday in Azeroth. It's Brewfesht! And thish holiday comesh with petsh and mountsh, like all the others. ...hic! It ish alsho a requirement for the year-of-holidaysh meta-achievement that Kelidara and I are working on. ...hic! Sho, I've been dutifully getting drunk each day to get the brewfesht coinsh sho that I can dance naked - err, drunk - in Dalaran. I got my wulpertinger, but I have to wait until I shell back my dressh before I get my pink elekk. ...hic! In the mean time, I want to kill Coren Direbrew ash many timesh ash posshible sho I might get one of the mountsh that he dropsh. ...hic! All in all, itsh a fun holiday... hic!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play much the pasht few daysh. ...hic! But before that, I ran many inshtances and got much loot. I am now wearing much awshome gear and am hoping to make another attempt at healing Trial of the Champion. ...hic! If I feel comfortable with that, then I can shtart PUGging it and getting even more phat loot. ...hic!

All in all, thingsh are good... but they will be better when I get my pink elekk and a brewfesht mount! ...hic!

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