Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did you know that the mail boxes are refrigerated?

Server: Khadgar (US) - PVE
Author: Keleili (80 Draenai priest)
  • I healed ToC!
  • I'm an ambassador of the alliance!
  • I am an exalted champion of gnomeregan!

Okay, so last night was super busy. Let me give you the lowdown.

I was looking for a group to do something with and got sucked into a PUG for H.CoS which was trying to do the timed run for the drake. I warned them that I didn't know how great my dps was, but they accepted that. Once we got started, however, I was stunned to find that my dps... was actually pretty awesome! The only person who beat me in dps during the boss fights was the DK tank. I really was able to hold my own. :) Unfortunately, we got some unlucky locations of pats during the timed run and then Arthas was being a jerk and taking his sweet ass time getting to the inn where we were to meet him. This meant that we reached the eternal dragonflight boss dude 30 seconds before he had finished his portal, and we couldn't quite get him down in 30 seconds. :( Such a close call. Still, it was an awesome run. Even if I didn't get any loot.

Then I was finishing up my dailies and a ToC run was set up in our guild, so I offered to go along and try to heal, since I'd gotten new loot and upgraded my gems and stuff. It was a very rough attempt, and we wiped once, with several more very close tries. But we did in fact take out the Black Knight and all of the bosses leading up to him. :) This made me a very happy priesty. Of course, I had help - Golaith, our shammy, tossed out various chain heals to give me a boost when I needed it. Unfortunately, I didn't get any loot there, either.

Finally, I ran down to IF to turn in some cloth. I was so close to getting exalted with gnomer, and it turns out that I was closer than I thought. I hit exalted with a single turn in, WHOOOOT!!! Now I am Ambassador Keleili! XD

And that's about it. Oh, after that I wanted to show my guildies how much I loved them, so I made the trek down to the racing track in 1000 needles and bought them all ice cream. I tried to wrap it, but it wouldn't let me wrap anything that can be stacked, which is stupid if you ask me. Instead, I just sent the ice cream to all of the guildies who were online through the mail - and I'm told it made it without melting. Yay for refrigerated mailboxes!!

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