Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Paladins and a Warlock.

Server: Khadgar (US) - PVE
Character: Keledine
Others: Olorina, Fashadin

Good morning!

On Saturday, I introduced all of my sisters. I'm not sure why it was my job, since I'm the youngest, but shit rolls downhill, I guess. Anyway, today I can actually talk about me. Maybe.

I was born this last Friday in Northshire. My sisters were quick to outfit me... of a sorts. When I hit level 10 and made my way to Westfall on Saturday, I was wearing a mish-mash of quest rewards, copper armor that Kelidara had made, used heirlooms and wielding a shovel that I had picked up from the kobolds that I'd fought in Elwynn. Talk about your fashion statement.

When I arrived in Westfall, I met up with a short gnome with bouncy pink pig-tails and a large blue shadow demon pet. That's right, a gnome warlock with pink pigtails. Now I've seen everything. Olorina is actually the little sister of one of Keleili's best friends, Olorin. Both being the baby sisters of the family, Olorina and I hit it off immediately and decided to quest together.

We were shortly met up with Fashadin, who turns out to be the baby brother of another of Keleili's friends. Fashadin is a paladin, like me. When we first grouped, I had not yet technically met Fashadin. I couldn't help making a comment about at least one paladin having a fashion sense - get it - Fash-adin? Yeah, not my best joke. But Fashadin thought it was funny and proceeded to run with it, and we spent the next 5 minutes talking about the height of paladin fashions while I rode the griffon from Stormwind to Westfall.

For several hours, Fashadin, Olorina and I quested in Westfall. We slaughtered anything and everything that opposed us and left behind us the trail of bodies of hundreds of defias thieves of varying rank. The two paladins and the warlock. (We're still not sure who is corrupting who).

Later, Olorina and I wandered to Loch Modan and quested there for a while. Oh, and I did make it to the Exodar to train my new skills in Jewelcrafting.

Now I'm level 16 and looking forward to hitting level 20 so that we can go kill Edwin VanCleef. Last night, I spoke with Olorina and she's hit level 18. I need to hurry and catch up!

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