Saturday, January 23, 2010

QQ! Poor Baby Pally!*

Server: Khadgar
Character: Keledine (10 Human Paladin)

Keledine joined my family of characters on Khadgar last night as the 10th of 10 girls. As such, she seems to be doomed to get nothing but hand-me downs!!

title or description

Kelirien (hunter) gave her her old heirloom chest piece that she wasn't using anymore.

Keleili (priest) purchased her an heirloom shoulder piece with emblems that she no longer needs.

Kelidara (DK) made her some mail armor with copper bars that were just sitting around in her bank.

Kelitty (mage) gave her some runecloth bags that she no longer needs.

And Keledine didn't even get any starting out money to buy herself a proper weapon, so here she is hitting the kobolds over the head with one of their own shovels!!!

QQ! Poor thing! Will she ever outgrow the shadow of her older sisters?

*Please note the intended humor. I'm not always good at expressing it over the internet. ;)

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