Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Intro of a Kel

Server: Khadgar
Character: Keledine
Friends: Olorina, Fashadin

Lady2beetle introduced me earlier, but I've finally gotten around to making my own post. My name is Keledine and I'm the youngest of the Khadgar Kel sisters. Until recently, I was also the least experienced, but I've also worked my way past one of my sisters (not including Kelidin, who is our bank-sister).


Keleili is telling me that I need to tell everyone just who my sisters are. Hasn't she already done that? I guess not. Okay, let me introduce to you my sisters:

Keleili, 80 Human Priest (Disc/Shadow). Technically, Keleili isn't the oldest sister. Nor was she the first on this server. Nor was she the first to 60, 70 or 80. But she's always been the top dog. She's Lady2beetle's main. Keleili also has her own story, but she never finished it. It is the sequel to Kelirien's story. Keleili loves to raid, but she (like most of the Kel sisters) is a member of the social guild, Soulbound, which she loves to death, and she would never leave. Instead, she spends her time PUGing raids or helping a few other guildies put together spontaneous raids for fun.

Kelirien, 67 Nightelf Hunter (Survival). Kelirien is the original Kel. She was Lady2beetle's first character, and also her first 60, back before the Outlands were discovered. Kelirien even has her own story, the first of the Kel stories. Kelirien has sadly gotten very little time to play since the Outlands were discovered, though Lady2beetle goes back to play with her every once in a while.

Keliki, 67 Nightelf Druid (Feral). Keliki is only a little bit younger than Kelirien. She's been dusted off numerous times, most recently within the last 2 months. Lady2beetle has discovered that she loves Keliki's new feral spec and can't wait to get her to level 68 so that she can go to Northrend... but then I came along.

Keleina, 70 Draenai Shaman (enhancement). Keleina joined the Kel family shortly before Keleili. She reached 70, but while she was gearing up to join her guild in Karazhan, Keleili was born and shot to 70 and was geared and in Kara before Keleina could blink. Poor Keleina has remained dusty every since. She's still enhancement specced, and Lady2beetle has tried to take her to Northrend, but she's getting really frustrated. Now Keleina is thinking about going Resto to make surviving the cold northern continent a little bit easier, even if her leveling becomes slower.

Kelissa, 43 Nightelf Warrior (Arms). Kelissa is almost as old as Kelirien and Keliki, but she's gotten very little play time, especially since her favorite dual-wielding spec was nerfed. Now she sits in Booty Bay, collecting dust. :(

Kelidara, 80 Human Deathknight (Blood-DPS/Frost-Tank). Kelidara was the first Kel on Khadgar. She's younger than the above sisters and but she's native to the server, while the others have migrated. She was also the first to reach level 80. Kelidara has her own journal, and feel free to pester her about finishing it (we all do). Originally, Kelidara had dreams of becoming a tank, but after The Great DK Stamina Nerf of 3.1, she began to grow disillusioned and now she mostly sits around Dalaran with her Ghostly Skull pet.

Kelidin, 1 Dwarf Paladin. Kelidin is our bank sister. She doesn't like to adventure, and she's content to sit around Ironforge and sell all of our goods on the auction house. She's also good at keeping our money safe so that we won't spend it.

Kelitty, 18 Gnome Mage (Frost). Kelitty is one of the three newest members of our family. She's small, but packs a punch! When she's not being chewed on, that is.

Shadowkel, 8 Nightelf Rogue. Shadowkel is sort of the black sheep of the family. Kels have never made good rogues. EVER. Shadowkel is determined to change that... if she can ever make it out of Teldrassil.

Keledine, 16 Human Paladin (Retribution). That leaves me, Keledine. I'm the youngest, but as you can see, I've already surpassed Shadowkel in abilities, and I'm determined to get all the way to the top! My dream? To become a great tank! Hopefully before the world explodes in some gimungous cataclysm or something.

So, yeah, I wanted to talk about me, but I guess this took priority. Maybe I'll finally get to introduce you to Olorina tomorrow.

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