Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting my feet wet

Server: Khadgar (US) - PVE
Character - Keleili

The Plaguechill guild got a server-first on Khadgar this weekend. But since I'm not in Plaguechill, this post is about my personal Kel-firsts that happened. ;)

I decided late last week that I wanted to raid, so I started joining pugs with a vengeance this weekend.

Thursday - I healed 10-man Onyxia. I'd done this raid before, but I did get a nice caster cloak. :)

Friday - In the afternoon, I researched 10-man ToC, and you girls even helped me understand a few confusing fights. But when I got home, I found myself constrained by the curse of "link achievement, or no invite!" *sigh* So, I was invited into a 10-man Ulduar raid instead. Which is fine, except... I stepped into Ulduar and realized that I hadn't bothered to research THOSE fights... I had no idea WTH I was doing! I tried to tell them that I hadn't done this raid before, but then they were getting in vehicles and driving off and leaving me behind and I had to just leap in a vehicle and follow behind and hope that I figured it out as I went. O.O In the end, it was a sort of rough raid, but we managed to take down Flame Leviathan (Shutout) and Razorscale (whom we 1-shotted) before the raid fell apart. Still, I had fun, and I can't wait to go back.

After Ulduar, one of the same raiders invited me to join them for 25-man Naxx, and since I had nothing better to do, I decided to go along. It was... interesting. But mostly because I think most of the raiders were rather drunk (it was late on a Friday night). I did get the achievement for clearing the arachnid quarter (The Arachnid Quarter) and another one because we weren't really strategizing (Momma Said to Knock You Out). After that, it was late and I had to bow out of the raid.

Sunday - In the afternoon, I logged on to immediately hear someone asking for a disc priest for 10-man ToC. Excited, I offered to join and was invited. I flew to the tournament and then realized... that this wasn't ToC. This was ToGC. *Cue me silently FREAKING OUT*. They had already gotten up to the champions the day before, so we started there. I should have backed out of the raid, but I was honestly too busy freaking out to do so. So, we made it through the champions and then the twins. At Anub, they decided to 2-heal it, so they asked me to go shadow. I warned them that I didn't have a gear set for shadow and so I wasn't hit-capped, but they wanted me to dps anyway. So... I tried. Honestly, I tried. In the end, they had to replace me because I was most definitely the weakest link. I bowed out gracefully, but it was still kind of depressing.

After that, I tried to cheer myself up by doing something easier. I joined a 25-man VoA pug, which went okay (Heroic: Koralon the Flame Watcher), then I grouped up with some guildies to 5-man the heroic daily. And in that I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that one of the most important roles of guildies is that when you are feeling down about your abilities in a pugged ToGC raid, they can cheer you up and make you feel like you are a worthwhile healer once more. Seriously - I LOVE MY GUILD.

However, there is one very cool thing about ToGC. When the twins fell, they dropped Enlightenment. And I won it. I, honestly, feel guilty about winning it, especially when some people offered to buy it off me, but... good or bad, I kept it.

TL;DR - I healed a lot of failed pug raids this weekend, including a 10-ToC, which turned out to be ToGC, and they asked me to dps, but I didn't have the gear, so I failed, and they replaced me, which was depressing. Then some guildies ran HHoS with me and made me feel good about my healing abilities again. I <3 my guild.

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