Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween and the RNG of FAIL. :(

Server: Khadgar (US) - PVE
Character: Keleili (80 Draenai priest)
  • Masquerade and all basic Halloween achievements EXCEPT the sinister one
  • Some exploration
  • Some PVP
  • A couple new pets

It's been almost a week of Halloween celebrations, and I'm beginning to get worried that I won't get my title. I have done everything else, but I cannot seem to find the hallowed hood, or whatever it's called. I have never even seen the thing drop. I've killed the headless horseman every day, and I've trick-or-treated every hour. I've even gone back to do the Saving Halloween quests every day because there's a chance that those rewards can drop it. Nothing. I don't even know what it looks like, and I only have one more week to see it drop and then win it. *sigh* I see other people in the guild get everything they need and I try oh-so-hard to be excited for them, but why-oh-why does the RNG hate me so?!

Meanwhile, I had a frustrating experience with the Headless Horseman when I was running with friends, so I'm only running it with PUGs now. It works better that way - there are no hard feelings if you roll on something that someone else wanted, and you don't have to worry about never having it out when they are around (because it's likely that you'll never seen them again).

My other issue with Halloween is... the candy. WHY is there SO FREAKING MUCH OF IT?! I mean, seriously, I must have collected almost 100 of each type of candy from Trick-or-Treating around Azeroth, and when I kill the headless horseman, I get 100 pieces of tricky treats every day. Then when you add in the wands and the broom (WHY isn't it a proper mount like everything else?!), you can find yourself spending almost 15 slots of space in your bags on halloween stuff. My off-set gear doesn't even take up that much space!!! It's rediculous, honestly.

My bank isn't looking much better. I'm going to have to totally clean it out one of these days. But every time I try to, I... ugh... I look at things and go, "What if I need this some day?!" And then there's the holiday stuff that I've been saving from previous years, the Naaru know why. I have preserved holly and valentines and fireworks... And, yeah, 3 masks. Because I have to collect 30-some-odd masks to get the major mask achievement, and that's going to take me several years.

I guess that's my mission this weekend. Spring cleaning of the bank. Possible tactics include:

  • Turn all of my cloth (I have 1 stack of each type) into bolts. Buy enough cloth to make a stack of 20 bolts of each type, then sell the rest. Don't keep any more than 1 stack of bolts of cloth of each type. That should be plenty to make something for a lowby if I need to. This will help condense things, because I currently have a stack of bolts and a stack of cloth for each type.
  • Get rid of stuff that I don't *have* to have for events. Used valentines tokens? Gone. Fireworks? Do I really need those? Well, I could use them at guild events... OMG, I'm such a packrat! No! Get rid of them!!
  • Cooking materials for anything less than Northrend recipes. I've gotten credit for the recipes, not get rid of the food.
  • Old gear (like, from Kara). GET RID OF IT!

This isn't going to be pretty. I need to use the "if I haven't touched this in 1 year, I will never again touch it, so make it go away" philosophy. Wish me luck?

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